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The Scotts Valley Police Department provides citation signoffs as a public service. There is no fee involved. Citizens who have received a citation for a correctable violation can correct the violation, and then come to the Scotts Valley Police Department and get the citation signed off as being corrected. However, citations are signed off by patrol officers and if an officer is not available, there may be a wait until one is free to respond. Please note that no peace officer is legally able to verify corrections for proof of insurance. Please follow the directions located on the back of your citation in order to "correct" this violation.


Once your citation is signed off by an officer, you must take or send the citation, along with an administrative fee ($10.00 for corrected parking violations, $25.00 for corrected moving violations), to the the location specified on your citation. You may also pay your traffic fines for moving citations received in Santa Cruz County online at the county website, or by visiting the traffic department in the county building at 701 Ocean St in Santa Cruz. It is recommended that you make a copy of your corrected citation for your records prior to mailing it or taking it to the court.


The Scotts Valley Police Department is happy to provide this service to its citizens.

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