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Counter Reports are for traffic accidents that citizens are involved in but an officer was not called at the time to take a report. Counter Reports may be made for private property accidents, after-the-fact non-injury accidents and private property hit-and-run accidents where there is no suspect information. A Counter Report is filled out by the reporting party and signed as a true statement of fact. A case number will be assigned and the report kept on file at the Scotts Valley Police Department for documentation and insurance purposes. You may obtain a copy of our Traffic Collision Counter Report Form in person in the SVPD department lobby, or by clicking here.


State law requires that all accidents that cause over $750.00 of damage, injury or death be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days. Failure to do so may result in suspension of your driver's license per 16000(A) of the California Vehicle Code. The Department of Motor Vehicles can be notified by completing a DMV SR1 Form that can be obtained at the Scotts Valley Police Department, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or your own automobile insurance company.


If you have any questions on whether your accident should be reported or not, please contact us for information at (831) 440-5670.


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