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Our Scotts Valley Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team

was developed in order to provide an effective tactical police response to critical

life-threatening situations, including armed and/or barricaded suspects, hostage

situations, high-risk warrant services, or other unusual situations.


SWAT is designed to contain and resolve any incident that is considered high risk

orhas a propensity for violence, which through containment and specialized tactics

would more likely be resolved without injury or loss of life. This entire unit is

available for activation 24 hours a day, and can provide assistance to any law enforcement agency within Santa Cruz County.


To become a member of the SWAT team, an officer must go through a rigorous selection process that includes a formal application, performance review, physical agility test, marksmanship tests, team assessment, and administrative approval. The officer must then pass an intense California POST certified two-week basic SWAT school. Team members participate in regularly scheduled specialized training exercises, and must pass and maintain physical and shooting standards. Becoming a SWAT team member requires a high degree of team camaraderie and discipline.


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