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POLICE SERVICES SUPERVISOR     Closing Date:  Dec. 31, 2022

The Scotts Valley Police Department is currently accepting applications for Police Services Supervisor until the position is filled.  The process for applying for this position is outlined below.  Applications are kept on file for a period of one year.  Potential applicants will be contacted during that one year period if a position becomes available.  If you have any questions, contact the police department's Administrative Secretary at [email protected] or directly at (831) 440-5649.

1.     Thoroughly read the Police Services Supervisor Recruitment Flyer. The flyer includes salary and benefits information, minimum qualifications, application testing process.


2.     Applicants are required to complete a City Employment Application Form located on the City of Scotts Valley’s website at under the Police Services Supervisor listing.


3.     Applicants are required to prepare and submit a detailed resumé to include their education background, job experience and any additional training relating to the field of law enforcement, business and/or technology.


4.     Applicants must submit a typing certificate of 50 WPM or more.

5.     Applicants are required to complete a Personal History Statement (PHS) – Public Safety Dispatcher and submit it with your application:

6.     After the complete application package is processed, you will be contacted pending approval of your application to schedule an Oral Board (Panel) Interview.                                                                                            

7.     All candidates selected from the application process will be invited to attend an Oral Board Panel at the City of Scotts Valley Police Department, 1 Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley.  The Oral Board Panel will consist of job-related questions designed to measure an applicant's judgment and knowledge, oral communication skills and interpersonal skills.  An intensive background investigation will be conducted on each final candidate in accordance with the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission Background Investigations Guidelines.  Candidates will also be required to successfully pass a psychological exam given by a City selected psychologist and a medical exam by a City selected physician.  In addition to the qualifications noted above, suitability for employment will also be based on the following job dimensions:  problem-solving ability, learning ability, observation skills, willingness to confront problems, interest in people, interpersonal sensitivity, desire for self-improvement, dependability, integrity, credibility, communication skills and judgment under pressure.

8.         The final step before hiring is a Chief’s Interview.

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