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The Scotts Valley Police Department is currently accepting applications for Emergency Dispatcher - Clerk I until this position is filled.  The process for applying for this position is outlined below.


1.  Thoroughly review the Qualification/Job Description Flyer.  The flyer includes salary and benefits information, minimum qualifications, application testing process including required testing when submitting application, and pre-employment drug policy.

2.  Applicants are required to complete a City Employment Application Form.  The application form is located on the City of Scotts Valley’s website at under the Emergency Dispatcher / Clerk I listing.


3.  Applicants are required to complete a Personal History Statement (PHS) – Public Safety Dispatcher and submit it with the application.  The PHS is located here:                        


4.  Applicants must pass a POST approved written examination: POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery (PDT POST Dispatcher Test) administered through the South Bay Regional Academy at *   

* Currently, applicants are being allowed to apply without submitting the required PDT Post Dispatcher Test until later in the recruitment process.

5.  Applicants must type a minimum of 45 wpm (self-generated computer internet typing certificates will not be accepted): * 

*Currently, applicants are being allowed to apply without submitting the required typing certificate until later in the recruitment process.

6.  Qualified applicants will be invited by our Investigations Division to take part in a selection interview to assess an applicant's judgment, oral communication skills and interpersonal skills. This interview will be held at the City of Scotts Valley Police Department, 1 Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley.  All candidates who receive a score of 80% or more on the selection interview will be assisted with covering the cost for both the typing and written Post Dispatcher Test as well as guidance on how to prepare for taking the tests.


7.  Candidates who successfully pass the POST accredited written exam will be required to complete a 2 hour sit-along with Emergency Dispatch personnel to better acquaint the applicant with the job requirements.  Upon completing the sit-along, candidates will be placed on an eligibility list until such time as a position is available.  As openings occur, top candidates will be selected for a background investigation in accordance with the POST Commission Guidelines.

8.  Candidates will also be required to successfully complete, to the satisfaction of this department, a polygraph test administered by a licensed polygrapher, a psychological exam given by a City selected psychologist and a medical exam by a City selected physician. 


9.  Candidates must be fingerprinted and take a loyalty oath at the time of hire. Appointments to regular positions are subject to a 12 month probationary period which is considered a part of the selection process. Probationary employees may be terminated without recourse during this period.


10. The final step before hiring is a Chief’s Interview


If you have any questions, telephone or email the Police Department’s Administrative Secretary at (831) 440-5649 or [email protected].  Hearing-impaired individuals can access the Department’s TDD machine by calling (831) 440-5670.

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