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Police department volunteers are very important people! Volunteers help out with so many critical tasks around the department that our services would be severly impacted without their help. Through this

unit the department saves nearly $18,000 per year!

Here are some of the things our volunteers help out with:


  • Shredding documents

  • Transporting court paperwork

  • Legal research

  • Data entry

  • Case filing

  • Creating public relations materials

  • Assisting in background investigations

  • Helping with public events

  • And other tasks as needed


Most employers exert a lot of effort to get the right person in the right job. We also operate on the principle that everyone will be happiest if volunteers are placed in jobs best suited to them. Each volunteer completes an application and is interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator, and occasionally by the division commander.

After the volunteer fills out an application and has an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator, a background investigation will be completed by the Investigations Unit. A background investigation is necessary due to the sensitive material our volunteers handle.

After passing the background investigation the volunteer will attend an orientation session to familiarize himself/herself with the department. This will be a time to meet other new volunteers and ask questions. The volunteer will also get on-the-job training with his/her supervisor and/or other staff. Occasionally special training opportunities are offered. We encourage our volunteers to take advantage of these opportunities.


For more information on current volunteer openings please contact Volunteer Coordinator Captain Scott Garner at or by calling (831) 440-5670.

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