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Chief Walpole is a 31 year veteran of the Scotts Valley Police Department. His career began

in August 1970 when he was hired as a reserve officer. He was hired as a full-time patrol

officer in June of 1972, and has gone through the ranks of the department, becoming a

Sergeant in April 1974, Lieutenant in September 1979, and Chief of Police in November

1986. For a four month period in 1991, Chief Walpole was Acting City Manager. In 1983 he

attended and graduated from the 134th FBI National Academy, located in Quantico, Virginia.


Chief Walpole is a past chairperson of the Santa Cruz County Criminal Justice Council, serving in this capacity for two years. During his interim as chairperson, he was instrumental in organizing the first Long Range Planning Conference held in 1990. He has since been a key participant in planning conferences held since 1990 and he was involved in the 1996, 1997 and 2000 conferences as well. In addition to being the chairperson of CJC, Chief Walpole has been the chairperson of the Information Systems Task Force and the Long Range Planning Task Force.


Chief Walpole served as the chairperson of the Santa Cruz County Narcotics Enforcement Team (SCCNET). This unit involves coordination amongst all County law enforcement agencies and the California State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement.


In March 1994, U.S. Congressman Norm Mineta invited Chief Walpole to the White House to attend a meeting regarding President Clinton’s proposed crime package. As a part of this visit, Chief Walpole was able to express views to Congressman Mineta as they pertain to law enforcement issues.


In 1994, Chief Walpole was asked to be on a California Police Chiefs’ Association committee to write a position paper on gun control. This assignment required him to attend several meetings throughout the state. As a key member of this committee, Chief Walpole presented the position paper to the Cal-Chiefs’ Conference via a slide show of charts, graphs and vital statistical information.


Along with the accomplishments listed above, locally, Chief Walpole was recognized by the FBI in May 1995 for his assistance with a complex operation involving seven search warrants and the arrest of twelve people.


Local Awards include:


  • Exchange Club Officer of the year on two occasions - 1973 and 1983.

  • Meritorious Service Award from the Scotts Valley City Council in 1989 for his outstanding work efforts during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.

  • Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year in 1989.


Chief Walpole continues to be recognized by local organizations for his outstanding community spirit. Among his recognitions are:


  • He has been commended by the Scotts Valley Unified School District for implementing a parent volunteer crossing guard program at Vine Hill School and for training parent volunteer parking lot staff and paid yard duty staff.

  • He supports many local charitable organizations through contributions and giving of his time to charitable events.

  • He was instrumental in starting a police chaplain program for the police department.

  • He routinely visits business associations throughout the city to discuss any problems and makes himself available for questions the business community may have.

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