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The Scotts Valley Police Department is currently accepting applications for position of Emergency Dispatcher Part-Time / Temporary. Click here to view the Class Specification for this position. The Scotts Valley Police Department is not currently accepting applications for the position of Emergency Dispatch Clerk - EDC-I. When hiring, the process for applying for a position as an Emergency Dispatch Clerk - EDC-I is outlined below:

  1. Read thoroughly the EDC-I Recruitment Flyer. The flyer includes salary and benefits information, minimum qualifications, application testing process (including where to get the POST Written Assessment completed), pre-employment drug policy, and even a map/directions to the police department.

  2. Complete the POST Entrance Written Examination. The written exam may be given at the Scotts Valley Police Department or at another POST approved facility. The written exam can take up to three hours. The written test results are good for 6 months from the date of application. Click on link to view information regarding the Written Exam http://www.theacademy.ca.gov/?p=dispatch

  3. Take and receive certification of a Typing Proficiency Skills test. The minimum accurate typing/keyboard skill is 45 words per minute. You can obtain a typing certificate from here. Online typing certificates will not be accepted.

  4. Fill out the City Employment Application Form.

  5. Turn in the completed City Application, Typing Certificate and if you have it, the completed POST Written Assessment results. Application packets can either be mailed to or dropped off at Scotts Valley City Hall.

  6. After the application is processed, a detective will contact you to arrange a Pre-Screen Interview. Those who pass the Pre-Screening Interview will be placed on an eligibility list for 1 year until such time as a position is available.

  7. Upon availability, eligibility list candidates will be invited to a Selection Interview to assess an applicant's experience, education, judgment, oral communication skills and interpersonal skills. All candidates who receive a score of 80% or more on the selection interview will be placed on a hiring list for 1 year.

  8. Top candidates will be selected for a background investigation in accordance with the POST Commission and Background Investigations Manual. Candidates will also be required to successfully complete, to the satisfaction of this department, a polygraph test administered by a licensed polygrapher, a psychological exam given by a City selected psychologist and a medical exam by a City selected physician (to include a vision test and a general physical exam). In addition to the qualifications noted above, suitability for employment will also be based on the following POST job dimensions: moral character, handling stress and adversity, work habits, interactions with others and intellectually based abilities.

  9. The final step before hiring is a Chief’s Interview.